The past 15 years have been a great ride at Visual Inclination: starting as a two-person web development shop, we've grown to include our passion for film, television, and branding, expanding our great team along the way. And our dreams keep getting bigger (so keep your eyes peeled).

We love projects that allow our whole team to work together. So, at the end of each year we make something "just for fun". For 2014, Adam proposed an idea: our favourite cocktail recipes, illustrated with macro films. We loved the idea and spun it into this iOS app and a website - all with an origami invitation from Mick, of course.

Garnish is our gift to you. We may not have been able to meet face-to-face for a drink this year, but with this app, we can be sure you're prepared to enjoy the new year with a fine drink in hand. Thank you for 15 years of excellence, and cheers to 15 more!